Thursday, 25 October 2012

Jonas Brothers Live In Malaysia 2012.

NOTE: I had been waiting for 5 years for last night to happen, so excuse my fangirling moments for the entire post.

I fell in love with the Jonas Brothers the moment I heard S.O.S. for the first time back in 2007. That was when I was 14 -- a teenager who can easily be hooked to cheesy love songs with a catchy tune to them, what more a boyband of three brothers. So I Googled them, checked out all their music... and officially declare to be in the fandom! At that time they were all over front covers of US magazines, like Tiger Beat and J-14, and slowly the local entertainment magazines. I remember begging my parents to let me buy those expensive US teen magazines that cost about RM20 whenever the boys were on the cover because huge posters of them were included. They weren't happy about it, but I got what I wanted anyway. (Thank you so very much, Mum and Dad. You guys are the best parents, ever. Sorry for being a pain when I was a few years younger. HEH.) My collection doesn't stop there -- it extends to buying their CDs and books, of course.

If you asked everyone I know back then, they'd tell you how crazy I am about the Jonas Brothers, especially Joe Jonas. I'd bring a photo of Joe to school for my friend Shauna to draw a picture of him (with me sometimes when I want a portrait to imagine that he is my boyfriend HAHA) when we get bored in class. And my friends who are into them had a fair warning that Joe is mine -- like the millions of girls in the world would declare -- and they know I mean it when I say lay off of him. But that wasn't really a problem because most of them fancy Nick more. I was inspired by Kevin and his mad guitar skills that I started picking up the guitar. Nick influenced me to pick up piano again for the third time but that, erm, didn't really work out. Fun fact: I named my guitar after Joe. :D I never missed an episode of JONAS and Jonas Brothers: Living The Dream when it was aired on Disney Channel and watched all of their movies with my sister. By then, my grandma was already a fan of them (her favorite brother? Nick!).

Songbooks, except the one on the bottom right (which
is their official tour book that I bought in Bangkok).

My collection of their CDs. I'm still looking for their first album It's About Time. :(

The poster of the boys on the cover of Rolling Stones in 2008 from
Liesl who got it from the States for me when she was on vacation. :D 

It has always been on the top on my concert bucket list (click on the "Concert Bucket List" tab now!) to watch the boys live in concert since 2007 but year after year they still have not enlisted any Asian countries in their tour list, despite the fan mails I sent and the petitions I signed. When they stepped out of the limelight after the release of their fourth album Lines, Vines and Trying Times in 2009, I thought it was over. There weren't much news about them for 3 years. Then last month, they announced a world tour including three Asian countries and Malaysia is in! Dad heard about it and started checking the ticketing agent in case it was his friend's (it wasn't, by the way) to try to get us meet and greet passes. He bought us -- my sister and I -- tickets at The Pit which was right in front of the stage.


Mum and Dad decided to drive us since parking was a bit of a problem at Stadium Negara. We left at 6 pm (long story to that) and it started raining heavily when we reached KL. I was literally going "OH GOD WHY MUST IT RAIN LIKE RIGHT NOW, WHYYYYY?" and "God is testing our patience and endurance by making it rain right now instead of the scorching hot afternoon" in the car until we reached the stadium. The moment I stepped out of the car, my Converses were soaking wet. I blame the steep slope to the stadium and heavy downpour. Nevertheless, we stood somewhere in the middle of our zone considering the fact that we only arrived at 7 pm. I think it's because the response to the show wasn't so good. The Star reported that there were only approximately 1000 concertgoers. 

To my surprise, there were more younger fans than older fans. The girls and boys that stood around us were school-going kids and teenagers, some even with their parents. Anyway, the show was delayed only for a couple of minutes for Anna Maria Perez de Tagle to perform as the opening act. It was only awaiting the Jonas Brothers that was a bit of a drag. Anna finished around 8.30 pm but the boys only appeared a little after 9 pm. 

[Sorry for the blurry low quality photos. It's the best an iPhone camera could do.]

Anna Maria Perez de Tagle. She's SO pretty in person!

The drummer side of Nick.

My favorite shot of Joe. 

During the acoustic version of Pushing Me Away.

L-R: Joe Jonas, Paris Garbowsky, Megan Mullins,
Greg Garbowsky and Kevin Jonas.

L-R: Nick Jonas, Ryan Liestman, Marcus Kincy, John Lloyd Taylor,
Jack Lawless (far back on drums),  Joe Jonas and Paris Garbowsky.

My only best shot of Kevin because he's so far on the right of the stage. :(

Nick on the keys for their new song Wedding Bells.

Drenched wet from ankle down, surrounded by some irritating younger fans, being sandwiched between bodies and pushed back and forth throughout the concert and annoying people jabbing me everywhere just to get good photos and videos couldn't ruin my mood because I was beyond happy to finally get a chance to be a part of the crowd in a Jonas Brothers concert. They sounded and looked so good live, better than any videos I watched on YouTube.

Comparing to their older performances, their show last night was more focused on the execution of the emotions pertained in each song which made me realized that in the years that they disappeared from the limelight they had matured in both songwriting and performing skills. Long gone were the days where Kevin would spin around and jump in mid-air while playing the guitar and Joe jumping and running around on stage. The show now includes acoustic sessions where the whole band comes forward with them, which I felt was age-appropriate for them and kind of nice. Did I mention that their band members are REALLY good? Yeah they're awesome and a good addition to the tour. Oh, the acoustic performance of Pushing Me Away blew me away. It was so pretty with the banjo and violin and all!

I never thought there will be a day I'd see this on Twitter. :')

5 years of waiting felt like eternity, but it was worth it because a dream of mine came true. What a crazy night. Seeing the boys, especially Joe, made me feel like I was 14 again for some reason. Joe, Nick and Kevin -- thank you for putting up a great show for a smaller audience and a great set list containing songs I've always wanted to hear live. Come back to Malaysia soon!

Alrighty, I'm going back to telling my grandma about the concert and showing her the photos and videos I took last night.


  1. I can't believe I did this but I clicked on your link to SOS and RELIVED MY CHILDHOOD HAHAHAHAHA. (Or young teenhood rather.)

    Also your grandma is so ADORABLE! All grandmas are adorable. Sigh.

    1. OMG YOU DID WHY ARE YOU SO AWESOME?! Everytime I listen to that song I feel like a teenager, I don't know why. Bahahaa. :D

      Awwww! I got to agree. Old people in general are adorable. :)